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Song TitleAuthor
TeardropsHans Christian Jochimsen
Joyful JoyfulLudwig von Beethoven, arr. Mervyn Warren
Feel the joyMark Condon
Peace be unto youHans Christian Jochimsen
Enter inMark Condon
I will lift up my handsHans Christian Jochimsen
Let me flyHans Christian Jochimsen
Good day Micha Keding
Goodness is stronger than evilDesmond Tutu
Prayer for GuidanceJohan Verdouw
Lord hold me nowHans Christian Jochimsen
Love songHans Christian Jochimsen
LovedHans Christian Jochimsen
Welcome homeHans Christian Jochimsen
You areHans Christian Jochimsen
You are beautifulHans Christian Jochimsen
Every praise Hezekiah Walker
I smileKirk Franklin
Take the landJohan Verdouw
Bless the LordJ. Berthier | Taizé
We can move mountainsHans Christian Jochimsen

International School of Gospel Music

International School of Gospel Music

In 2005 one of my colleagues gave me a copy of the movie ‘O Happy Day‘. I watched the movie and was touched to tears.

The movie tells the story of a Danish traditional church choir that is inspired by a visiting American gospel choir and its conductor. The conductor teaches the Danish singers to sing from the heart. This has big consequences for some of the singers whose lives are turned upside down by this new experience.

One of the songs that touched me is ‘Lord hold me now‘. I started looking for the author of the song and found Hans Christian Jochimsen in Denmark. I sent him an email asking for sheet music, which he immediately sent me. My choir director let me teach the song to the choir.

Sometime later I learnt from Hans Christian’s website that he was starting the International School of Gospel Music. One week in August, filled with inspiring workshops related to singing gospel music in a lovely location with excellent food. Since then I visited the school five times, each time getting inspired and making new friends.

If you have become curious by now, please visit the website and check out what the International School of Gospel Music can mean to you.


You probably got here because you are looking for a gospel choir in The Hague. Or you want to sing from the heart. Or you met one of us who gave you our website address.

No matter how you ended up here or why you are visiting, we invite you to enjoy your visit!

And we encourage you to come and visit one of our rehearsals or book us for a rehearsal @ home or public performance. There are NO rehearsals during school holidays.


We are a group of singers that love to sing from the heart. We sing gospel music. The word gospel means ‘good news’. The good news is that there is actually always someone that loves you, believes in you and tries to win your heart. We use music to do just that: let you know that someone loves you, believes in you and tries to find a way to your heart. People are touched because we know our lyrics by heart and look at you when we sing.

Please leave us your email address so we can inform you about our performances!


Join | Open Rehearsal

If you love gospel music and you are interested in joining us, please visit one of our open rehearsals on the last Thursday evening of the month (NO rehearsals during school holidays). The last open rehearsal before our summer break is  on Thursday 6 June 2019. The next one will most likely be on Thursday 26 September.

We like it if you let us know you are coming using the form below. It may take two or three rehearsals for you and us to discover if there is a mutual connection. The last step in the process is a vocal test that you take with our conductor.

We expect that you are able to learn a melody by ear, that you learn your lyrics by heart and that you can sing harmonies together with others.

Circle Songs

Singing from the Heart Gospel Choir The Hague zingt circle song in Vredespaleis in Den Haag

Part of our singing together is in the form of circle songs: a creative and spontaneous way of creating and singing songs together as a group.

One person acts as a leader – that can be the choir conductor but also one of the singers. The leader decides how to start building a song. That can be by singing a couple of notes in a particular rhythm to each vocal group (altos, sopranos, tenors, basses). And then there is all kinds of ways to start improvising on top of these melodies, solo or in groups.

We created one circle song especially for a concert in the Peace Palace based on a Zulu song. We used the Zulu lyrics, wrote an English version, created different melodies and sang both in English and in Zulu.

We are inspired by (among others) Bobby McFerrin. Listen to one of his circle songs.